Detail of sofa

ISA sofa

With a ‘beach house’ feeling

The ISA sofa is specially designed for a ‘beach house’ feeling and has a slightly shallower seat than our other sofas, providing a comfortable but somewhat more active seating experience. This sofa features inviting armrests, a sturdy silhouette with subtle pleats, matching stitching, and color-changing details that add depth and character to the design. The sofa is available in luxurious and high-performance fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With decorative cushions, you can get creative with different fabrics and colors for a personal touch. Additionally, the fabric is fully removable, which is convenient for cleaning.


About the ISA series

The ISA series includes a range of modular seating furniture: a sofa, loveseat, armchair and ottoman. The modular proportions of the furniture make the ISA series suitable for both compact and larger spaces. With a range of configurations, from a single armchair to multi-seat sofas including two-seaters and three-seaters, the ISA series offers flexible solutions for any space.

Setting at Salone
Salone with sofa

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