BRUTAL kitchen

Where passion and expertise ferociously collide

Piet Boon kitchens embody our vision of next level kitchen design. Unique shapes, proportions, color- and material combinations and production techniques define a new style of kitchen life, always tailored to taste. The BRUTAL designer kitchen is no exception.

Defying standard kitchen measurements, the BRUTAL is unique in its kind. Its unconventional use of heavy rich marble and robust natural materials, give the BRUTAL its groundbreaking no-nonsense and monumental appeal. The perfect kitchen for intensive and passionate use.


Translating inspiration into tailored to taste kitchen

In their search for the perfect kitchen on Pinterest, our customer fell in love with the no-nonsense and monumental appearance of the BRUTAL. As the kitchen would be a new addition to the existing interior, the client’s wish was to have it fit seamlessly, and at the same time, let it radiate an individuality with contrasting elements. With this as our brief, our designers have started.

In keeping with the rest of the interior, we have equipped the refined BRUTAL kitchen with an elegant Silk Georgette beige marble, which the customer herself has been able to choose from our marble supplier, and ton-sur-ton cabinets in stained oak “smoke”. To make the kitchen even more fitting in the interior, we have chosen to design a seamless island without cooking functions, which makes it appear as a piece of furniture. By laying the marble of the BRUTAL in book form we managed to create tranquility.

In contrast with the classic beige marble and oak cabinets, we have equipped the kitchen with modern black elements ranging from taps and handles. To make the kitchen even more complete, we have chosen to supply the equipment with the same black handles as the cabinets. The combination of both classic and modern, as also the contrast in color and material gives this BRUTAL a unique character.

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