ELEMENT kitchen

Delivering a distinctive, high quality solution

Seemingly simple yet extremely well thought through and crafted from high quality materials, the versatile ELEMENT kitchen can adapt to any lifestyle. The updated and modular ELEMENT kitchen concept by Piet Boon Kitchen, is displayed in a 25m2 setting in our Piet Boon Kitchen & Dining Showroom and plays a central role in the space. The concept showcases a kitchen island completely executed in Shitake Honed Caesarstone composite. The island is the heart of the kitchen and is very versatile. The kitchen island can be used as a bar but also offers a comfortable seating function at which to work.


This Piet Boon kitchen setting shows a place where elegant and functional design come together harmoniously. Despite the narrower size, the setting feels spacious and functional. By giving the island a central place and making it part of the design, the space is used optimally. At the same time, the custom-made built-in units provide a connection to the rest of the living space. The walnut cabinet wall provides a perfect canvas for special and personal styling objects. The design of the wall cabinet integrates a generous refrigerator which is fully integrated into the design and thus provides an aesthetic solution for technical products.

The timeless design of the kitchen shows a strong symmetrical image with its solid and straight lines. The use of rich materials, combined with a serene color palette, gives the surroundings an interesting appearance. The exciting mix of materials, in coordination with a soft color palette with colors like those of the kitchen island, create an inspiring setting. Thanks to the balanced proportions of the design, all these components come together perfectly and form a single unit. This high-quality ELEMENT kitchen is equipped with a cooktop with extractor fan and a KEKKE faucet by Piet Boon by COCOON in Gunmetal black. In the setting, various Piet Boon collection items can be found, which together contribute to a balanced whole.

Colors and materials

For this kitchen and living space, the design team of Studio Piet Boon chose a playful palette of three colors and various structures which creates a coordinated whole. This brings out the tactile qualities and structures that create a subtle tension in the space. For the custom-made cupboard we chose exclusive American walnut finished with a matte varnish. The fronts of the kitchen island are made of Shitake honed Caesarstone composite, just like the worktop. This material is insensitive to stains and therefore practical to use. By choosing a pallet with the same color tones, the kitchen forms a whole and lets the unique combination of natural materials speak for itself.

ELEMENT kitchen
ELEMENT kitchen

The sophisticated mix and match of the ELEMENT kitchen offers a distinctive, high-quality solution for every interior and kitchen project. The bespoke ELEMENT kitchen is distinctive in style without compromising on the necessary efficiency and functionality. The technical expertise is effortlessly combined with our recognizable Studio Piet Boon signature. The ELEMENT delivers endless variations in simplicity and refinement and offers attractive, durable material choices and combinations, elegantly customized to every need and taste.

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