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Asymmetrical balance

LINES is a work of industrial art built around lines. What makes this designer kitchen unique is the asymmetrical balance, finely crafted down to the finest details. From the sleek countertop and tabletop to the sophisticated handles, LINES invites you to create the perfect blend of lines, tailored to your needs. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends and family and find tranquility to everyday life.

Designed for balanced living

Where our designers usually shape their work around symmetry, balance here is struck by embracing asymmetry. The result is the perfect blend of thick and thin, horizontal and vertical lines, where contrast is the unifying force.

A robust stone tabletop seemingly supported by a paper-thin steel countertop: LINES is all about the visual layering that lines can create. The dynamic mesh of different, sometimes contrasting materials enhances the effect.

Handmade handles are a key element in that linear rhythm. As a carefully crafted piece in the larger puzzle, they help unite the disparate elements. Made using the same paper-thin steel as the countertop, they bring a sense of unity and serenity.

Lines kitchen flagship store

Make life more balanced

Rough, natural materials blend seamlessly to create a chic, industrial look. The rolled steel of the 4 mm kitchen countertop is the perfect match for the 60 mm stone tabletop which, like the legs, is made with Ceppo di Gres marble.

LINES features a monochrome grayscale palette to complement the industrial design. The deep brushed oak cabinetry adds a touch of ambience, creating the ideal space for treasured memories with friends and family.

Custom designer kitchen

Every Piet Boon kitchen is made to meet the personal needs and preferences of the user. Abandoning symmetry means unbounded freedom to structure each element so it functions perfectly. The full range is showcased at our Kitchen & Dining Flagship Store in Oostzaan, where we help customers in designing their dream kitchen.

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