HEIT swivel chair & ottoman


Sink into 21st-century seating luxury with the HEIT armchair and ottoman, the ultimate in soft-seater design excellence. The HEIT’s angularity is balanced with generous amounts of leather used. The steel frame and foot are wrapped in durable Italian saddle leather, and the cushions are upholstered either in supple leather or exquisite fabrics.

The HEIT chair is without doubt one of the most comfortable seats. Once you have taken a seat in this robust and characteristic swivel chair, you will no longer want to get up.

Penthouse Rotterdam
Penthouse Rotterdam

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Fabrics, Leathers, Saddle leather and High Performance fabrics.


Steel frame and foot, completely upholstered with Italian saddle leather (cat. K or NK). Cushions are filled with high resilience foam and a top layer of goose down.


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