Product Philosophy

The Piet Boon products are designed to capture the essence of the Studio Piet Boon identity. Each high-quality designer piece is passionately crafted with rich natural materials, attention to detail and refined taste. Both aesthetics and intensive use are also considered in our design process. Our exclusive products are known for their innovative design, sophisticated and timeless appeal, generous proportions, functional use and extraordinary comfort.

This results in an extensive product line with full kitchen and bathroom concepts, furniture, accessoires and finishes for the interior.

How we work

Materials and colors

At Studio Piet Boon, we believe that the different elements in a home and the chosen color palette should form a coherent whole. To create this, it all starts with a functional base to create a perfect balance.

Our subdued color schemes, in twelve shades, form the base for each of our products. The use of ton-sur-ton color palettes create a subtle, understated effect. Our restrained tonal color schemes have gradually become one of our signatures. They form a calm base upon which more pronounced layers can be added.

We work from the idea that you create harmony when using one color palette. Adding beautiful materials with different textures creates a rich and lively environment. 

Combining similar textures creates a refined effect; whereas contrasts – matte with shiny, smooth with rough – have a sense of adventure about them and are more likely to make a statement. Although the differences are subtle, the impact is surprisingly big.

The color and material philosophy has been translated to all of our products allowing each item to be effortlessly combined.

Studio Piet Boon spaces

We design products based on our design vision for the different spaces in the home. Each space has its own functionality and use. The product lines of Piet Boon offer products designed for kitchens, bathrooms, dining, living and outdoor spaces. Get inspired by the examples of the different spaces and the matching products.

Piet Boon Flagship Stores

Complementing the Piet Boon brand and design vision, Studio Piet Boon designs a range of timeless kitchen and living, outdoor and bathroom products. Our products are designed with our customers’ wishes and needs in mind, offering convenience without compromising on design. We welcome consumers and design professionals to our Living, Outdoor, Kitchen & Dining and Bathroom Flagship Stores to explore our design philosophy and unique collections.

During a visit, our team will be happy to advise you on the purchase of your bathroom, kitchen or furniture. Also, for inspiration we welcome guest in our three flagship stores.

Flagship Store

Collaboration with partners

The world of Studio Piet Boon consists of many creations. The base is design. We create interior and exterior designs, designer kitchens and other products, which are then produced and distributed by our partners. In collaboration with other strong brands and companies, we strive to create synergy and forge partnerships that challenge us to take product design to the next level.