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LAYERS rugs by cc-tapis

Contemporary handtufted rugs

Delve into the world of organic timeless aesthetics with the LAYERS collection— a collaboration between the globally renowned Studio Piet Boon and the innovative Milan-based rug maker, cc-tapis, who specialize in contemporary hand-tufted rugs
Layers collection


The rug collection encompasses soft and textured materials with delicate contrasts and finishes, embracing a quiet color palette to create a system of rugs that offers an integrated experience for residential, hospitality, or corporate projects.

LAYERS unfolds in three main designs, each with two distinctive variants that either present an inverted design or a change in technique for a personalized touch. The two featured subdued color palettes are: DUST and SMOKE.

Color Varieties

DUST: A warm, light grey that exudes timeless elegance, seamlessly blending with bold or minimalist décors.

SMOKE: A raw, earthy blend of grey, blue, and green inspired by concrete, providing a contemporary touch.

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Design Highlights

  • LAYERS CORE: Abstract impressions blend with rich textures. Variants encompass CORE STANDARD, CORE KLINK shape, and CORE KEK shape.
  • LAYERS GRAIN: Melds refined tones with subtle imperfections, emanating a calming ambiance. Featured designs include GRAIN STANDARD, GRAIN KLINK shape, and GRAIN KEK shape.
  • LAYERS CANVAS: Evokes the charm of a softly painted canvas, illuminating spaces. The lineup includes CANVAS STANDARD, CANVAS KLINK shape, and CANVAS KEK shape.
Rugs by cc-tapis
  • An inverted version is also available for each variant, in which the border and the inner part of the design are reversed.
  • Additionally, the collection offers simplified versions of each design – PLAIN – available in colors DUST and SMOKE. Each PLAIN version comes in STANDARD rectangular, KLINK, and KEK shape, but also offers the possibility of applying it wall to wall.

Why the LAYERS collection?

  • Promotes harmonious integration with surroundings, fostering a serene and organic ambiance in any interior space.
  • Introduces an exciting, customizable dimension to interiors, forging seamless connections across spaces.
  • DUST and SMOKE color palettes amplify the aesthetic appeal of interiors, weaving a rich, layered experience that complements diverse design elements.
  • Boasts no fewer than 18 distinct design variants to choose from.
Rugs by cc-tapis

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Layers rugs

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