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TIMME dining chair

Strong appearance

Inspired by elegant simplicity, Studio Piet Boon brings a refreshing design approach to the traditional Piet Boon signature with the TIMME outdoor dining collection. Each item has all elements and refined connections exposed. Like other Piet Boon outdoor collections, it uses high-quality teak and luxurious fabrics for outdoor use. The TIMME collection includes teak outdoor chairs with and without armrests, a dining table in three different sizes, and dining table benches for varied arrangements.


The TIMME dining chair highlights its unique design with curved details in the back, while still unmistakably maintaining the brand’s identity. Wider than a regular chair but less bulky than the other Piet Boon outdoor chairs, this dining chair allows for more flexible outdoor dining arrangements.

The collection fits well in smaller outdoor spaces such as decks and patios because of its light appearance and narrower size. With and without its luxurious cushions — upholstered in Piet Boon’s collection of high-quality fabrics, these dining chairs are designed to look elegant. The cushions are available in a variety of Piet Boon fabrics and colors.

Timme dining chair
Timme dining chair

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Teak wood with stainless steel fittings.


Natural untreated Teak