Washbasins by COCOON

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

The Piet Boon by COCOON collection, of which the washbasins are part, consists of bathroom and kitchen taps, baths, chest of drawers and an outdoor shower model, available in various materials such as natural stone, solid surface, and wood, and in many colors and sizes. The partnership is built on years of experience, close cooperation and above all a shared passion for natural materials and functional design. The result of this successful collaboration is a Piet Boon by COCOON collection that expresses purity, strength, and comfort. 

We believe that living spaces should radiate peace and serenity. In a harmonious environment, contemporary spaces are enriched. It is from this design philosophy that Piet Boon sanitary and bathroom products originated.



Over the years, the collaboration with COCOON has led to the design of various washbasins. Various layouts and formats have been developed based on different settings, creating a wide range of products. Pure linear shapes and generous proportions in balance with functional plateaus form the perfect landscape for the Piet Boon sanitary collection. All scenarios in terms of available space, from micro to wide monolithic versions, have been thought out. A simple but elegant design was central to this. Clean geometric shapes lead to large surfaces in which the qualities of the materials are best emphasized.

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Various possibilities in the setting of the washbasins were taken into account during the design phase. For example, the washbasin collection consists of versions that may be used freestanding or mounted on the wall. They feature rounded or pointed corners and may be used in combination with the Piet Boon by COCOON drawer units or without. The washbasins are available in different widths and heights, and may be used as a single and double washbasin, with one or more taps. The washbasin with rounded corners, made from a solid piece of natural stone, is freestanding and available in the dimensions 60 by 40 by 90 cm.

Materials and colors

The washbasins are made of natural stone or solid surface material and are available in various Piet Boon colors. With the natural stone sinks, there is a choice of ten different colors, from light to dark, and with the solid surface version, six. The drain is made of the same material as the entire washbasin.

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Natural Stone (Marble)

Solid Surface


Cocoon Bianco

Cocoon Beige

Natural Sand

Natural Beige

Natural Grey

Natural Licht Grey

Griggio Pietra

Griggio Amsterdam

Nero Marquina

Carrara Suprema

Griggio Emperador







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