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Exquisite leather products that seamlessly complement eachother

We established a new collaboration with GIOBAGNARA. This collaboration resulted in a wide range of carefully designed products for the office that seamlessly complement each other. Refinement, functionality and timelessness characterize the authentic and distinctive design philosophy of our collection. The interplay of these designs underline the Studio Piet Boon and Giobagnara experience as a whole and add an exclusive signature to each space. Just a few small changes to your work desk can lead to massive shifts in your mood. Products like our saddle leather desk blotter, paperweight and mouse pad add a touch of class and provide a smooth surface for you to work on.

As the office requires a space for deep reflection as well as creativity and inspiration, our new FOLD stationery collection of Piet Boon by Giobagnara is functional, pure, refined & timeless. With the idea of building a calm environment, all the items are created to naturally fit in any space, allowing flexible, ergonomic settings and adding reasoned details.

FOLD is distinctive for its sculptural quality: two-dimensional designs are transformed into three-dimensional sculptures by adding triangular volumes in a reasoned way, which also become recurring motifs throughout all the pieces.

In this collection, the leather is carefully folded according to a zero-waste philosophy, making the most of all its qualities and unique characteristics: the front side of the leather is smooth, comfortable and soft, the backside is rough and matte.

By using both sides of the leather, we used a sustainable approach valuing both functionality and beauty. All stationery products are available in different colors and sizes, varying from a mouse pad to mobile holder.

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