RAF cabana series

'Al fresco' lounging with a new dimension

The RAF cabana series, consisting of a double lounger and sofa, stands out for its artistic and dynamic design, a real eye-catcher for any outdoor space. This series enriches ‘al fresco’ lounging by combining generous dimensions with an artistic appearance. The cabana features transparent sunshades that overlap each other, creating an intimate atmosphere and privacy while also playing with light and shadow. The innovative pulley system of the sunshade allows for unique adjustments: when the front screen is pulled down, the back goes up. Pulling down on the left side raises the right side. This system ensures easy and versatile adjustments of the screen to provide optimal shade and privacy. Both the cabana lounger and sofa can be equipped with weighted and loose decorative cushions, and a removable topper.

Available options and details:

  • Cabana lounger and sofa: perfect for various spaces and needs.
  • Weighted and decorative cushions and topper: these can be ordered separately, allowing the furniture to be customized to personal preferences.

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High Performance fabrics.


Teak frame with stainless steel fittings. Seat and back cushions are made of polyurethane and protected
with a watertight cover. Side table and lounger tray optional with concrete top. The sunshade of the cabana is
made of a UV resistant mesh fabric.