RAAF coffee table

Honest and balanced

The RAAF designer coffee table is a variation of the luxury RAAF dining table. Drawing inspiration from the renowned traditional craftsmanship of the austere “Shakers” community, the timeless wooden RAAF dining table reflects the Studio Piet Boon carpenters roots and keen eye for proportions.

Its robust and elegant design showcases a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The RAAF is also available as dining table.

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Varnished oak veneer (1,5 mm) on honeycomb and light weight MDF structure with solid end grain.


Oak grey (GR)

Oak taupe (TP)

Oak black (BL)

Oak white (WH)

Oak dark brown (WE)

Oak grey brown (GB)

Oak natural (BG)

Oak opaque white (OW)

Oak dust grey (DG)

Oak smoke grey (GS)

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