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Piet Boon by Giobagnara FORM collection

Redefining diner experiences

Discover the harmony of design and function with the Piet Boon by Giobagnara FORM collection. This line of table accessories encapsulates our philosophy that beauty lies in pure, simple forms. Each piece, from placemats to coaster holders, is a testament to minimalist elegance, crafted from premium leather and shaped into primal geometric shapes. These elements come together to form an ensemble of captivating silhouettes, enhancing the dining experience.

The collection items are not just stand-alone objects, but a part of a carefully considered ensemble that brings depth and character to your table:

Serving tray

Designed with incisions that allow the leather to rise and form handles, these trays turn serving into an elegant affair. The thoughtful placement of the handles elevates the tray from a simple flat surface to a functional piece of art.

Serving tray


The round coasters offer a playful composition, with a dual-color design adding depth to their simplicity. They serve not just a practical purpose but are also a statement of design in themselves.

Coaster and tray


Our ton sur ton placemats are crafted from a single type of leather, presented in two harmonious tones that create a subtle and sophisticated dining surface.

Each item in the FORM collection is an invitation to touch, use, and enjoy, blending seamlessly into your living spaces.

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Giobagnara is known for its premium leather and suede products, offered in a diverse color palette and crafted with a blend of traditional expertise and cutting-edge technology.