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The bathtubs, developed in partnership with COCOON, are part of the Piet Boon by COCOON collection consisting of kitchen and bathroom taps, shower sets, washbasins, chests of drawers and an outdoor shower model. The mix of materials used to manufacture the products diverge from natural stone and solid surface to wood. For each product, you may choose a Piet Boon color palette, ranging from light to dark. The Piet Boon sanitary and bathroom products are designed based to complement both each other and every environment. They create a harmonious whole, a comfortable place where you can relax.


For the design of the Piet Boon by COCOON bathtubs, shapes have clear functionality and powerful volumes. The shape of the bathtubs may be described as a rounded rectangle enhanced by an ergonomic organic shape on the inside. A double edge on the marble version ensures that the solid wood accessory shelf may be inserted precisely. The shelf rests on the inner edge of the tub and runs parallel to the highest outer edge of the tub. The bath made of durable solid surface contains not a double but a single edge, so that the shelf rests on the bath edge. A deliberate choice was made to increase the size of the tubs, resulting in a very spacious and comfortable bathtub. The wide surfaces accentuate the properties of the outside of the bath, both in the solid natural stone variant and those made of a durable and solid surface.

Bath by COCOON
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The baths are designed to be used either freestanding or flush with walls, in combination with the Piet Boon by COCOON bath tap collection. The solid surface bath is available in the dimensions 176 long by 86 wide by 52 cm high and the natural stone bath 182.50 long by 76.10 wide by 60 cm high.


The tubs are available in natural stone (marble), cut from a solid piece, and solid surface; a durable and solid material. The drain is made of the same material and color as the bath. In natural stone there is a choice of ten different colors and with the solid surface, six color options are available.

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Natural Stone (Marble)

Solid Surface


Cocoon Bianco

Cocoon Beige

Natural Sand

Natural Beige

Natural Grey

Natural Light Grey

Griggio Pietra

Griggio Amsterdam

Nero Marquina

Carrara Suprema

Griggio Emperador







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