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Functional and aesthetically balanced office design

We enjoy the privilege of working with various national and international corporate companies in designing their workplaces. As we delve into the identity of the company and the wishes of management, each Studio Piet Boon corporate design is tailor made. Addressing all the specific requirements that are needed for the ultimate way of working, rethinking office spaces and creating an environment that fits the company’s needs and facilitates thriving employees. A careful balance of functionality and aesthetics with the element of individuality that creates an instant sense of belonging.

Office Brabant

True made-to-measure design

Being an established design studio with several decades of experience, we are trained to listen and capture the identity of the client and translate this into a creative vision that naturally expresses the corporate identity. Aiming for a true made-to-measure design, we balance all identities of the users. In the concept phase for office design, an efficient methodology is established in cooperation with the client to get a true feel of personal tastes and future needs.

Flexibility through functionality

We believe the office needs to be designed in a way that is flexible to its current user and future users to come. Designing multi-functional spaces, with constructions that allow flexible setups results in offices that can easily adapt. Our intent to work with shapes, materials and colors that are natural bring timelessness, which results in a form of flexibility. The balanced colors and materials through the total design offer continuity, making different future setups less complex. Our crucial design principal: spaciousness, leads to generous floor plans that allow room for various setups.

Riverdale headquarters
Office North Holland

Extensive multidisciplinary project knowledge

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. Blurred lines between residential, commercial and hospitality design indicate the fast-moving trends that are influencing the way we work and live. Since 1983, our multidisciplinary design studio has been designing international, high quality residential, hospitality and workspace projects with a human-centric approach. This offers a strong package of excellence and know-how to create out of the box workspace concepts that are feasible, functional, individual and aesthetically balanced.

Delta Lloyd headquarters with SAAR bar stool

Hospitality design to activate the workspace

Studio Piet Boon is a specialist in developing hospitality spaces. We work together with renowned hospitality operators such as Hyatt, Rosewood and Baccarat. Because of this experience, we know and understand that hospitality concepts also play a vital role in workspaces. This results in effortless transitions between an office environment and the service of a hospitality environment.

Increasing value by branded design

Through a clear branding strategy and collaborations with renowned brand partners, Studio Piet Boon has developed into a high-end design brand. Our international design experience, design philosophy and strong brand identity have created many loyal customers and followers. Through our distinctive positioning, creativity and brand identity, we can create the same brand awareness for your office projects where we actively focus on increasing tenancy.

Bathroom how we work


Make an appointment

At Studio Piet Boon we always put tireless effort into getting to know our clients. It allows us to deliver the most relevant designs and exceed expectations. As we delve into the wishes and the purpose of a project, each Studio Piet Boon design is tailor made.