Piet Boon MOYA pottery collection by Domani

A harmonious blend of nature and design

Discover the serene beauty of the Piet Boon by Domani MOYA Pottery collection, a symphony of nature-inspired aesthetics, craftmanship, and traditional Dutch design. This collaborative creation speaks to both the heritage of Domani’s expertise and the timeless design by Studio Piet Boon.

MOYA pots by Domani

Elevate your space with our meticulously crafted MOYA pots, a testament to the timeless Dutch design of our studio and the artisanal expertise of Domani. Each pot, available exclusively in our webshop, encapsulates stylish simplicity and natural elegance, offering a serene enhancement to any outdoor setting.

Drawing on the iconic thatched roof homes spread throughout the Dutch countryside, our creations feature a unique hay texture that binds each pot to the rich cultural tapestry of the Netherlands. Within this harmonious fusion of nature’s simplicity and tradition, every pot unfolds its own narrative.

Select the ideal size and hue for your environment and experience the tranquil balance of nature and design.

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Each pot is meticulously crafted by hand, tailored to your specifications. Due to the bespoke nature of our creations, please anticipate an estimated delivery time of 12-17 weeks. This allows us to ensure that every detail meets our high standards and your personal expectations.

Design vision and distinction

The MOYA series presents clean, pronounced shapes paired with premium finishes. Each creation is characterized by its identifiable forms and gentle textures, showcasing our commitment to both beauty and simplicity. The unique character of the collection is underscored by the handcrafted nature of each pot, reflecting the distinctive spirit of our designs.

Inspired by nature, shaped by tradition

Drawing inspiration from the tranquility of nature, each piece in the collection serves as a canvas that celebrates the outdoors. Inspired by the thatched roof houses prevalent in the Dutch landscape, our designs feature a distinctive hay texture, connecting each piece to the Netherlands’ cultural heritage. In this blend of natural elements and cultural tradition, every pot tells a story.

Elegant design, timeless appeal

The MOYA pottery range showcases a balance of contrasts—bold bands meet elegant bases, embodying both strength and grace. Large volumes are refined with raw, natural textures, striking a balance between robust and organic, tactile and smooth. Designed for versatility, each pot is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Product Moya

Dimensions and color palette

Available in three sizes and a natural palette of White, Grey, and Brown, the collection offers versatile solutions for any space:

Craftsmanship and authenticity

Each piece is hand-crafted with dedication and precision outside the historic city of Pécs, Hungary. From the molding of the clay to the unique hay-inspired textures, every detail is applied by hand, ensuring a piece that is as unique as it is beautiful. Domani’s craftsmen bring to life pots that not only stand the test of time but also tell a story of tradition and innovation.

Due to the bespoke nature of our creations, our estimated delivery time is 12-17 weeks. Discover the exclusive MOYA series available only in our webshop, and introduce a touch of timeless Dutch design to your space today.

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