BENTE armchair

Soft elegance

As part of the BENTE outdoor series, the BENTE armchair combines the comfort of indoor living with the durability of outdoor furniture. It is the first fully upholstered armchair in the Piet Boon outdoor collection. By pairing it with the BENTE pouf, this armchair transforms into an understated and luxurious lounge experience.


The BENTE series is designed with rounded corners on different wooden parts and soft details on the back and armrests. The result is a refreshing design approach to the traditional Piet Boon signature, while still maintaining the unmistakable identity of the brand with the use of teak wood and generous proportions.

Bente outdoor

The complete BENTE collection consists of two upholstered sofas in fixed sizes, open bench elements, a coffee table, an armchair and a pouf. All items are made of high quality teak and available in various Piet Boon water-permeable and easy-to-clean outdoor fabrics.

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Teak wood with stainless steel fittings.


Natural untreated Teak