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Real estate development
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Total concept design for professionals

Since 1983, Studio Piet Boon’s multidisciplinary design team has worked with a variety of real estate developers and investors to create bespoke home and work experiences. From Amsterdam to New York, our total design concept has allowed us to become the one-stop shop for contractors and their clients from all around the world. Whether it be for the execution of a total concept of both the interior and exterior as well as the products for in and around the property, or for the sole consultation of a kitchen, a bathroom or any of our other home products; by aligning our services with the individual needs of our clients, we turn every real estate development project into a custom-made assignment.

Bathroom how we work

Consistency, impact and expertise

Studio Piet Boon is an experienced and worldrenowned design studio that consists of four multidisciplinary teams, including architects, product designers and aesthetic supervisors. Our teams consistently create synergy with project partners both local and abroad. Thanks to our global clientele, we are able to apply our market knowledge and construction expertise to various projects such as villa parks, residential towers and recreational homes around the world. We infuse every aspect of project design and development with value and impact. With our international portfolio and total concept design approach, our studio is well-positioned to bridge the gap between design and execution.

How we work total concept

Branding for every real estate project

Studio Piet Boon is an acclaimed Dutch design brand, which has had the privilege of working with world class partners. Our bespoke design philosophy and international expertise have allowed us to cultivate a loyal circle of clients and partners. We’re known to build strong foundations that help us create synergy between all stakeholders. All of our knowledge, including the specific expertise of our in-house sales and marketing team, is at our client’s full disposal. With strategic marketing plans and custom-designed sales documentation we increase the visibility of their projects and help them sell faster.

Real Estate development

Piet Boon products

Studio Piet Boon designs products for every room in the house. Our product portfolio ranges from complete bathrooms and kitchens to finishes and other design products, such as flooring, wall finishes, and doors including door hardware. The collection offers a wide range of materials, colors, textures and variations ready to be applied to a variety of interior designs. All products are made with Studio Piet Boon’s design philosophy in mind: to offer a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

How we work for products

Piet Boon flagship stores

In the Piet Boon Flagship Stores, customers are invited to experience our distinctive design signature. The flagship stores are divided into four sections, each focusing on a specific part of the collection, knowing: Living, Outdoor, Kitchen & Dining, and Bathroom. Before advising our clients, we carefully listen to understand their wishes, requirements and lifestyle. 

This allows us to match our solutions with the personal needs of the user, as well as the requirements of both the architect and developer. The flagship stores are the ideal place to discover the entire collection, and experience our refined service. Be welcome.

Our passion for craftsmanship, rich natural materials, and innovative textures comes to its full expression in the Piet Boon Bathroom collection. There are endless combinations of materials and colors to choose from to meet custom needs. Experience our vision of bathroom design with a visit to the Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store.
Every Piet Boon kitchen is created to meet the personal needs and preferences of the user. Our kitchens are designed with a passion for natural materials, keen technical insights and attention to detail. Discover our design philosophy and collections at the Piet Boon Kitchen & Dining Flagship Store.
Interior Finishes
The Piet Boon product range consists of various finishing products such as window decorations, wall and floor finishes, steel doors, taps and tiles. These products form the core of every interior—perfectly matched and applicable across various environments. By using a neutral color palette, we create a myriad of possibilities with the addition of other colors and personal items. The products stand out for their tactile surfaces, honest shapes and complimenting textures and colors. Showcasing a balance of functionality, aesthetics and individuality, the collection forms a harmonious whole. Experience the Interior Finishes collection in any of our three Flagship Stores.
Other products
Piet Boon's collection consists of design products for dining, living and outdoor living. This allows Piet Boon's signature to be carried throughout the details for a total concept look. The product portfolio demonstrates an extensive range of furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories. All products are equipped with Studio Piet Boon's distinctive philosophy that stands for stylish, functional and timeless design. Products are made from high-quality, natural materials and executed in a palette of subdued colors, giving each interior a distinct character. Live our design philosophy with the various collections and products. Available for direct order at our Flagship Stores.
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Real estate projects

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At Studio Piet Boon we always put tireless effort into getting to know our clients. It allows us to deliver the most relevant designs and exceed expectations. As we delve into the wishes and the purpose of a project, each Studio Piet Boon design is tailor made.