Piet Boon Paint & Plaster Lacquer

A perfect range of timeless colors

Over the years, Studio Piet Boon has mastered a series of recognizable colors that form a cohesive and well-balanced color scheme and are the base for our extensive range of design products. These subdued colors have now been grouped in a range of paint and plaster products, usable in and around the home, creating an attractive and elegant atmosphere in any environment. This durable, scratch-resistant, water-based high-gloss lacquer has great color retention. For indoor and outdoor use.

A high-quality PU acrylic lacquer. Durable, scratch-resistant lacquer with great retention of color. Its unique combination of quality ingredients makes it a highly durable product for interior & exterior use. 

Paint and plaster

Perfect for a decorative finish on wood, hard plastics, and metal. Resistant to skin oils – low in solvents – quick drying – low odor. Available in matte, gloss and high gloss.


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