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Our LANDSCAPE kitchen is the ultimate culinary stage. The LANDSCAPE owes its powerful yet refined appearance to the generous use and combination of rich natural materials.

The starting point for the design of this kitchen was the space in which it would function. To make the best use of the space, we chose to place the kitchen lengthwise, emphasizing the clean style and with unobstructed view to the garden. By placing the kitchen in a niche in the wall and letting the block and countertop reach over, we were able to make the kitchen stand out very subtly. By mimicking the wall element, we placed the island exactly on the opposite side so that the induction hob and sink follow the same line.

All necessary technical products are aesthetically incorporated into the design. In addition, we chose to only use one wall and add a kitchen island to make the most of daylight.

All kitchen appliances match the overall color scheme. The concrete, gray-colored kitchen countertop features the natural stone empedador dark honed. A light grain in the cabinets, fronts done in clay stain and two distinctive handles on the refrigerator and freezer emphasized the stylish character of this kitchen. The handles are custom made in copper.

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