A culinary stage for the cooking aficionado

Our style is defined by our curiosity. A fascination for many different sorts of shapes and materials. It is always applied in a harmonious manner, creating a certain edginess. We sympathize with the Eastern philosophy of harmony in design and draw inspiration from the interplay of clean lines and variety in volume found in Japan. Our Landscape designer kitchen is how we envision the ultimate culinary stage. The Landscape owes its powerful yet refined presence to the generous use- and combination of rich natural materials.

An interplay of clean lines

While looking for a new kitchen, this customer was immediately impressed by the sight of the LANDSCAPE kitchen and tasked us with the translation of the LANDSCAPE concept, an interplay of clean lines, to fit their home and budget. The starting point for the design of this kitchen, was the space it would function in. To make optimal use of space we opted to place the kitchen lengthways, emphasizing its sleek clean lines and providing unobstructed views outside. In addition, we chose to use one wall and add a kitchen island to make the most use of day light. Matching the color of the window frames whilst contrasting the bright white walls, we opted for a dark color scheme for this particular kitchen.

By placing the kitchen in a recess in the wall and letting its body and counter top reach over the wall edges, we were able to make the kitchen pop out very subtly. Mimicking the wall element, we placed the island exactly on the other side so that the induction cooking top and the sink follow the same line.

Keeping with the understated luxurious appeal of the LANDSCAPE concept, we made sure that all kitchen appliances fitted with the overall color scheme. A light grain in the cabinets and two striking handles on the fridge and freezer, emphasized this kitchen’s stylish character. The handles were made to measure in copper to match the detailing in the kitchen floor.

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