Woodweave roll-up

Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds by Zonnelux

Functional and stylish

Piet Boon by Zonnelux is a perfect reflection of our attention to detail, timelessness and elegant design. The wooden roller blinds, finished in recognizable Studio Piet Boon colors, provide filtering of natural light, ventilation, protection and privacy. Together with the contemporary and stylish character, the products add functionality to any interior. The two variants are both equipped with nearly invisible mechanisms. Balanced dimensions make these wooden blinds a complement to any window. The Piet Boon by Zonnelux collection consists in its entirety of shutters, blinds, wooden blinds and fabric blinds.
Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds
Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds


Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds provide a beautiful filtered light effect, offering high decorative value in any room. The collection of wood blinds consists of a coarser and finer variant. The coarser variant is made of woven together ‘flat sticks’ and the finer variant of woven together ‘thin sticks’. The flat stick variety is more robust and shows natural irregularities in the structure, which gives the product a natural look. Of course, each ‘stick’ falls within the framework of the defined proportions in the chosen width, height and shape. The thin sticks variant is finer in structure and generally allows more light to pass through than the flat sticks variant. The cord knobs feature a rectangular design. This gives the product a contemporary look.

Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds


The Piet Boon by Zonnelux wooden blinds are functional in use and applicable in various indoor spaces. For example, they can be both folded and rolled when raising and lowering the product. Like all Piet Boon by Zonnelux products, the wooden blinds are fully customizable, adapted to the type of window, such as tilt and turn windows and available in any size, up to 230cm wide. The Woodweave Blinds come standard with cord (manual operation), but the folding blind is also available in smart home solutions.

Materials and colors

 The wooden blinds are available in various Piet Boon colors called: CHALK, BONE, SHELL, DUST, SMOKE, EARTH, MUD, COAL. All wooden Piet Boon window coverings are produced in Europe and finished in a water-based lacquer. The color fastness of the product is very high and offers with this water-based lacquer an environmentally friendly solution.

Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds
Woodweave roll-up and folding blinds

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