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A design oriented steel system

Studio Piet Boon and the exclusive steel producer, Jansen, joined forces to design a high quality and elegant range of steel products that reflect our shared passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail. Within this collection of different and bespoke steel products, Studio Piet Boon’s team designed doors, windows and façades made of high-quality steel that are suitable for versatile use. The entire collection can be used indoors and outdoors and is available in 3 typologies: a traditional door, a pivot door and a swivel door, all accompanied by matching (window) frames. 

Steel doors

All products are available in 8 Piet Boon colors: CHALK, SHELL, DUST, PEBBLE, ROCK, MUD, COAL and BRONZE, varying from lighter to darker tones, and provided in the highest quality finishes from matte to gloss. The refined products are a perfect foundation for any space where aesthetics and functionality come together.  

This collection of steel doors and frames provide a seamless connection to other spaces, while maintaining privacy and security. The frame’s design makes a subtle statement and creates a strong base in every interior and exterior. For the design of these Piet Boon by Jansen products, we played with different proportions for an exciting and interesting play of lines which create a unique profile full of depth. The door grip is designed in the same way as the glass strip for full integration. Piet Boon door handles are also available to be installed on the pivot doors. This collection of door systems is integrated, functional and durable.

Jansen steel doors

Every door and frame are custom made by our exclusive producers JM van Delft, Stieva and Lootens. Please get in contact via the ‘Sales contact’ button below for options and possibilities.

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor: All products within the Piet Boon by Jansen collection are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



Chalk, shell, dust, pebble, rock, mud, coal, bronze

Fire resistance: The Piet Boon by Jansen collection has the following certificates: EW60 – EI30 – EI60 – EI90, depending on test reports available in specific countries.

Sustainable: The Piet Boon by Jansen steel doors and frames are considered as “Best Choice” by NIBE. In addition, the products can be reused and therefore contribute to a recycling and circular economy.

Acoustic insulation: The collection consists of products with good sound insula. tion.

Passive house insulation: If desired, the product can meet passive house insulation. This ensures very good insulation, indoor air quality and low energy consumption.

Burglar-resistant and bullet proof: If desired, the steel door can be designed in such a way that it is burglar-resistant and bulletproof (RC2/3 for outdoor use).

Virtually maintenance free: Steel doors last a very long time. There is little wear and tear and it improves the TCO (total cost of ownership). If necessary, a maintenance plan can be agreed upon with the owner.

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