Shutters by Zonnelux

Shutters by Zonnelux

Functional & stylish

Piet Boon by Zonnelux is a perfect reflection of our attention to detail, timelessness and elegant design. The shutters are part of the Piet Boon window decoration collection in collaboration with Zonnelux, including wooden blinds, wooden roller blinds and fabric roller blinds. The shutters are executed in recognizable Studio Piet Boon colors and provide natural light, ventilation, protection and privacy. The contemporary and stylish character adds functionality to any interior. Beveled slats with minimal rounding, virtually invisible mechanisms and balanced dimensions make these shutters a complement to every window.

Shutters by Zonnelux
Shutters by Zonnelux


In addition to beautifully filtering daylight and providing ventilation, protection and privacy, wooden shutters are both a functional and contemporary, elegant addition to any interior. It is the first addition to the architecture which gives an interior immediate warmth. The frame around the shutters serves as a second window frame, so to speak, and adds depth to a room. There are many ways to personalize the wooden shutter to match the environment. You may determine the light fall and also atmosphere and privacy. The wooden shutters may be fully customized and installed for any window, such as trapeze, tilt and turn windows. The slats of the Piet Boon by Zonnelux shutters are more angular and straight than usual, giving them a rectangular shape, which gives a contemporary look.

Shutters by Zonnelux
Shutters by Zonnelux


The Piet Boon by Zonnelux shutters are custom made. Produced with attention, they go well with trapeze, tilt and turn windows, and even with (semi) round, trapezoid or pentagonal windows. A special lacquer ensures that sunlight will hardly, if at all, influence the color of the slats. The product may be applied indirectly in wet areas if there is sufficient ventilation. Customizing and applying features to make the product ‘your own’ is always possible, in consultation with the window specialist. The shutter is available in a slat width of 54 mm or 81 mm, both of which provide beautiful light fall. The 54 mm gives an elegant look, and the wider slat creates a more monumental appearance. The wider slat allows more light to enter the room when the slats are opened.

Shutters by Zonnelux

Materials and colors

The shutters are made of Abachi wood and are treated with a UV-resistant, water-based and environmentally friendly varnish. This gives the product a long life and extremely high color fastness. The Piet Boon shutters are available in eight different Piet Boon colors: CHALK, BONE, SHELL, DUST, SMOKE, EARTH, MUD, and COAL. These colors range from traditional white (CHALK), recognizable Piet Boon natural and gray tones, to charcoal black (COAL).

Shutters by Zonnelux
Shutters by Zonnelux

More information

Would you like to see the entire Piet Boon by Zonnelux collection? You are welcome in our Living & Outdoor Showroom in Oostzaan, the Netherlands. For more information you can also visit our (online) dealer network. Click on the button ‘Visit Zonnelux website’ at the bottom of this page. Piet Boon Living & Outdoor Showroom: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 17:00, Skoon 78, 1511 HV Oostzaan, the Netherlands, +31 20 722 00 44,

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Abachi wood with a UV-resistant water-based and environmentally friendly varnish.










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Shutters by Zonnelux

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