SHAPES vases by Serax

A composed interplay of elegant shapes

In 2021, the studio was looking for a follow-up to the VOLUMES vases, but this time made from glass and solely made for flowers. With SHAPES, Studio Piet Boon created 3 elegant and serene vases, each made of completely mouth-blown glass. These objects have an aesthetic value, but also do not demand too much attention when filled with a bouquet of flowers. Japanese design and nature served as sources of inspiration.

The 3 timeless SHAPES vases are very similar to one another, but when taking a second look, you see the difference in the details. Each vase has a slightly different curve to enable a variety of easy flower arrangements. 

Shapes vase

Thanks to the organic profile, the light always reflects differently on the sandblasted glass, creating a beautiful shadow play between light absorption and light reflection. Blowing this shape is quite a tour de force, which can only be successfully completed by very experienced glassblowers.

“The shape is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom because it exudes the feeling we wanted to create,”

Studio Piet Boon aims for timeless design. 30 years from now, the SHAPES vases should still look beautiful in every interior. We believe that these objects add a subtle color accent and character to each home. In this sense, they should fit in every setting. Also, because the shape is modest, it works with any floral arrangement, allowing the flowers to draw all the attention.

“For every vase, we choose a different color to emphasize the differences between the vases. The 3 subdued colors work in every interior, but they are selected so that when combined in a family of 2 or 3, they work even better. SHAPES add a color accent to each interior in a subtle way.”

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