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16 April 2024

At our ‘Tides of Living’ exhibit of our newest furniture series in Milan, embrace the ebb and flow of daily life. Merging the tranquility of dawn with dusk’s dynamism, our new furniture collections invite a balance of serenity and celebration into every interior. This year, we proudly redefine each space within the home, bringing forth an array of new furniture pieces for every room—each with the unique Piet Boon character that harmonizes functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. Crafted to only become more beautiful in time, each design expresses an understated sense of abundance that fits the modern zeitgeist, and far beyond.

ISA sofa series

The ISA sofa series specifically offers indoor relaxation, blending comfort with elegance. The ensemble, which includes a sofa, loveseat, armchair, and pouf, features pleat stitch detailing and a robust silhouette. Inviting arms and comfortable seating are available in a selection of indoor and high-performance fabrics, ensuring a delightful repose that reflects our beach-craft direction.

Bo bed

BO bed series

We expand the Piet Boon furniture collection with an entirely new product line: our inaugural bed — introducing the BO bed frame with its complementary headboard. The coordinating bed bench, also available, can be purchased separately, which complements the bed and is available in both large and small sizes to suit any standard double bed. The bed features a sumptuous, soft headboard with organic contours. Its rounded curves offer a cocoon-like embrace, creating a haven of tranquility. This design invites one to disconnect and rejuvenate, crafting a personal space of comfort and serenity.

Our offerings include the headboard, frame, and slatted base — please note, mattresses are not included. It is also possible to omit the slatted base and place your own box spring in the frame.

KEK bedside table

The KEK bedside table, a beacon of versatility, features dual drawers or a door, and an innovative pivot sliding top – a seamless stage for essentials. Its clever design extends one’s reach, ensuring a glass of water or a book is never too far. With its organic contours, this bedside companion not only complements the resting space but enhances it with practical elegance. The bedside table offers flexibility in design with versions available both with drawers and with a door, catering to different preferences and storage needs.

Kek bedside table
Daan table

DAAN dining table

The DAAN dining table, ranging from a generous 300 cm to an impressive 600 cm, is designed for a variety of settings from intimate gatherings of 6 to grand feasts for up to 16. Sizes accommodating 10 and 12 guests are also available. The wood veneer’s alternating direction on the tabletop forms an engaging visual rhythm, showcasing the table’s impressive scale.

WIETSE dining chair

This chair is a harmony of strength and softness, where a robust frame upholds a welcoming cushion. Designed with a dual sense of purpose, the WIETSE features a subtly integrated – invisible – handle in its gracefully curved backrest, merging aesthetic allure with tangible utility, whether with armrests or without.

BO sofa series extension

The BO sofa series welcomes new additions that redefine spacious comfort. An expanded chaise longue and a wider central element, stretching to 140 cm, offer ample room for relaxation. The introduction of an irregular module at a 60-degree angle opens up possibilities for unconventional layouts. These features combine to provide generous proportions for versatile living spaces, enabling a range of alternative settings and making the BO series a large, adaptable centerpiece for any room.

RAF cabana outdoor series

The RAF cabana series redefines al fresco lounging with its generous proportions and inviting comfort. It features a see-through sunshade, allowing for a play of light and shadow while offering protection and an intimate setting. Each RAF cabana lounger and sofa can be accompanied by a series of loose weighted and decorative pillows and a detachable topper. The robust structure of the cabana guarantees durability, while the innovative pulley system allows for easy movement of the sunshade. A versatile solution to outdoor living.

Fabric collections

Our fabric collections, including the new SALAR and MOSS ranges, feature nineteen new indoor fabrics, each combining elegance with practical resilience. Each fabric, notably the SALAR with its uneven texture and the ‘MOSS’, an even more pronounced bouclé, is meticulously woven to combine subtle indoor aesthetics with the practical resilience required for daily life. This ensures that every fabric is as enduring as it is refined.

new fabrics

Explore our existing designs

Also delve into our existing collections and recent collaborations that beautifully intertwine with the ‘Tides of Living’ exhibit.

Curated artists at the Studio Piet Boon exhibit

At this year’s edition, we are delighted to display a carefully chosen collection of artworks alongside our new furniture collection.

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