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The wooden Piet Boon by Solidfloor TONE flooring collection is originated from a shared passion for natural, high-quality materials. The innovative floor collection consists of various floors provided with a high-quality finish, suitable for versatile use. The collection consists of six different colors: three colors composed by Studio Piet Boon and three slightly grayed wood colors. The BONE, DUST and CLAY have been specially developed by Studio Piet Boon and harmonize with the color palette and design philosophy of the brand. The three grayed wood colors fit in seamlessly with this and have been given the names MIST, ORIGINAL and DUNE. With this extensive color palette, the collection offers serenity and a suitable look for any interior.

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Studio Piet Boon strives for a modest design and allows materials and colors to play a crucial role. Natural material such as wood plays an important role in all our designs, providing the ideal canvas for any interior. The oak in the Piet Boon by Solidfloor collection is of the highest PRIME grade. As a result, the number of knots is minimal, which ensures a modern and serene look. The dimensions of the planks are 220 x 20 cm with a thickness of 11.2 mm, and the herringbone has a size of 76.5 x 15.3 cm with a thickness of 11 mm. Combined with the micro-bevel, this also ensures serenity in a room.


Functionality is part of the Studio Piet Boon design signature, and this has also been considered for the TONE flooring collection. For example, the floors are suitable for underfloor heating. They are provided with a ceramic primer applied to the greyish Piet Boon floor colors BONE, DUST and CLAY. This primer protects the color layer, ensures high wear resistance, and prevents cracks in the wood. All floors from this collection are produced in Europe and provided with a durable matte UV lacquer as a finishing layer. The closed structure of the lacquer prevents the absorption of moisture and dirt and is easy to clean. The collection is therefore very maintenance-friendly and may also be used in kitchens.

Sensory Details

Materials and colors

The floors are available in six colors. The three special Piet Boon colors BONE, DUST and CLAY vary from light to dark and fall within the gray color tone. The middle color DUST is a soft gray for a warm, yet light atmosphere. While most light grays tend to turn bluish and rather cold, this tone remains understated and elegant. The colors MIST, ORIGINAL and DUNE are gray wood colors, and like the color BONE, DUST and CLAY, they seamlessly match the design philosophy of Studio Piet Boon. The top layer of the Piet Boon by Solidfloor TONE flooring collection is made of oak, which gives the floor a rich and natural look. The European oak selected for the Piet Boon collection falls within the PRIME grade, which means that the wood contains a minimum number of knots and only very small tassels are allowed in the wood. We embrace the minimal diversity that exists in natural products, as in structure and color.

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Would you like to view the entire Piet Boon by Solidfloor flooring collection? You are welcome in our three showrooms in Oostzaan, the Netherlands. For more information, you can also contact our worldwide (online) dealer network. Click on the ‘Visit Solidfloor website’ button at the bottom of this page. Piet Boon Living & Outdoor, Bathroom and Kitchen & Dining showrooms: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 17:00, Skoon 78, 80D and 80A 1511 HV Oostzaan, The Netherlands, +31 20 722 00 44,

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Maintenance-friendly. Suitable for versatile use. Certified heat resistance 0.08 (m2 k)/w, suitable for the latest requirements of underfloor heating.








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Wooden floors by Solidfloor

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