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Piet Boon & Salvatori Flagship Stores: bespoke bathroom designs and our way of working

4 April 2024

The Piet Boon and Salvatori Bathroom Flagship Stores offer a curated collection of bespoke bathroom designs and products. Our process is marked by attentive detail, creating a personalized design that reflects your individual style and needs.

Bespoke bathroom designs

Our offerings are designed to elevate even the most compact of spaces. We provide a comprehensive journey through an extensive selection of materials and possibilities, from the textures to the visual harmony of our color palettes. Whether you seek the subtle continuity of ton-sur-ton or the dynamic contrast of varied hues, our experts guide you through a personalized intake process, catering to every specification.

Bath and basin
Bath and basin

A fusion of simplicity and elegance

This bathroom stands as a testament to our design vision: timeless, functional, and always personal. A place where every line and detail contributes to a sense of balance and well-being.

Our design translates the homeowner’s personal style into a bathroom that speaks of serene elegance. Utilizing BLEND tiles Chalk White and GLAZE tiles Musk, we create a calm backdrop that brings harmony to the space. The natural charm of Grigio Stone, combined with the soft finish of the Solid Surface Chalk, underscores minimalist beauty. Stainless steel COCOON taps add a subtle, modern touch.

Shower and tiles
Shower set

Harmony and modern minimalism

This bathroom is a space where tranquility meets refined elegance. The design focuses on the harmony between natural materials and minimalist aesthetics. Embracing the calmness of BLEND tiles Chalk White and the earthy warmth of Natural Stone Sand, this bathroom design exemplifies sophistication without sacrificing comfort. The Solid Surface Chalk contributes to the clean, uninterrupted lines, while Salvatori Tiles Silk Georgette add a layer of understated luxury.

Styling detail
Bathroom Amsterdam North

This project showcases our commitment to personalized spaces where every detail serves a purpose. From the COCOON bath and sink’s organic forms to the precise selection of tiles by De Tegelgroep and Salvatori, the design is an example of the beauty of simplicity. The RVS (stainless steel) bathroom accessories and Formani fixtures provide functionality without clutter, maintaining the bathroom’s sleek design.


How we work