The ultimate Piet Boon bathroom: a timeless sanctuary

17 September 2020

In all of our designs we put tremendous emphasis upon exceptional quality, functionality and expressive shapes combined in a timeless equilibrium.This has been implemented in every detail in our bathroom designs. More and more, the bathroom is becoming a unique space to create an experience, spend rare quality time and enjoy a peaceful moment of calm and contemplation . Today’s bathroom is a perfectly equipped and a retreat from hectic daily life. A place both to be and to linger in.

To us, the ultimate bathroom has a serene feeling, a space with the ambiance of a sanctuary. It should be a place where you want to spend your precious time and indulge yourself in a comfortable and harmonious setting. A design that brings a luxurious spa environment, where color, materials and decoration are in perfect balance. We believe that less is more. Combining the same color in different textures creates an exciting, yet relaxed and calm environment. This approach is emphasized by the timeless ton-sur-ton color palette for all our products, from tiles and resin flooring to our natural stone bathtub and the solid surface basins. This continuity in all products makes that they complement each other to form a coherent whole.

When it comes to styling, we would rather give a beloved work of art a well-deserved place center-stage.. To enhance the idea of a private spa, prioritizing the senses and treating color and texture as an extension of a space’s materiality, we style bathrooms with rich ton-sur-ton styling, towels and our own scented candles and diffusers. But also bespoke and functional details such  wall niches offer convenience and comfort without distracting from the ambiance.

Our bathroom showroom offers you the opportunity to experience the distinct Piet Boon style. You are welcome to visit.

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