Modern City Sanctuary

In the heart of Amsterdam’s historic canal district, our team has transformed the sacred into the serene with its latest project, an apartment that pays homage to its origins. Once the chapel of ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis,’ this space has been reimagined as a residence that embodies stylish simplicity and quiet confidence.


The apartment is architecturally distinct from the lower floors. Our approach to interior design was one of respect and innovation. Historic elements, such as the chapel’s majestic structure and the intricate wall cladding, have been not only preserved but subtly highlighted. These timeless pieces engage in dialogue with contemporary luxuries, creating a living space that is both elegant and comfortable.

Views from the apartment entrance extend to the Amsterdam canal, and from the inside to a patio—an oasis of green that brings nature’s own balanced design into the home. A hallway leads from the entrance to the open, spacious living room. Furnished with, among other things, Piet Boon by Lensvelt chairs, each element within the apartment has been curated to reflect balance, authenticity, and understated sophistication.

Private project
Living room

The color palette remains soft, light and calming, ensuring that the space not only looks but also feels like a tranquil escape from the city’s bustle.

Kitchen dining
Dining area

An authentic portal with slider doors leads to the chapel, now transformed into a majestic bedroom where the sacred meets the personal. An altar serves as an invitation, a step up to a place of rest. Behind the bed, an open walk-in closet offers a discreet nod to modern needs, exemplifying our commitment to functional yet exclusive design.

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