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The importance of materials and samples in design

7 February 2024

Through FORMANI’s newly curated sample program, tailored exclusively for design professionals, we delve deeper into the interplay of interior design and materials.

Jesseca van Haneghem, one of our designers and senior FF&E Specialist, utilizes her expertise in furniture and material selection, enriching both residential and hospitality projects.

Creating material board

The vital role of color and material samples in our design narrative

In our design journeys, material and color samples are more than mere tools – they are the tangible threads that connect our clients to the envisioned end result. Jesseca highlights this pivotal stage, guiding us through the studio’s sample room. Here, a kaleidoscope of materials and inspirations is meticulously categorized, underscoring their vital influence on our design philosophy.

Material boards proces

‘Here, our design tone finds its voice,’ Jesseca declares enthusiastically. She reveals, ‘It’s a place continually updated with new, meticulously chosen items, all aligned with the signature identity of Studio Piet Boon. Our dedication ensures that aesthetics and practicality go together flawlessly, with a meticulous eye for excellence reflected in every nuance of our work.’

She further underscores the significance of door hardware samples, as exemplified by a piece from the Piet Boon by FORMANI ONE collection, illustrating how its form, dimensions, and hue blend with the space’s overall narrative. Experiencing the distinguished quality and fine craftsmanship of FORMANI’s door hardware is an absolute must.

Materials proces

Imagining the future: trends and expertise in material selection and hardware hues

At Studio Piet Boon, we are always in sync with design trends and their integration with our identity, whether it involves adopting rounder shapes or incorporating lustrous elements. Jesseca hints at the evolution in the appreciation and selection of hardware, noting the steady demand for classic finishes and the rising allure of bronze tones. Our designers and clients have warmly welcomed FORMANI’s matte bronze finish, blending it seamlessly into their color schemes.


'At Studio Piet Boon, we are always in sync with design trends and their integration with our identity, whether it involves adopting rounder shapes or incorporating lustrous elements.'

Jesseca’s insights for peers in design and architecture

Emphasizing the integration of all elements, Jesseca advises her peers on the importance of matching materials and samples with the project’s color palette. 

Modern Family Vila

With the vast series of door hardware options, from traditional to contemporary styles in diverse finishes, access to comprehensive catalogs and samples is invaluable. This line-up empowers clients with a cohesive vision of their space. Moreover, housing these samples within a dedicated space not only streamlines the design workflow but also ensures consistency across projects.

Discover FORMANI’s sample program

Are you on the look for door hardware samples for an upcoming project, or eager to discover the spectrum of hardware possibilities? Our bespoke sample program, crafted for design professionals, awaits you.

Submit a request for a complimentary sample via our application form for a curated FORMANI experience. Each application is thoughtfully considered to ensure the highest quality of service.

For those not in the design profession but wishing to experience our products, please visit our flagship stores in Oostzaan or reach out to discover your options.