Mountain Villa Aspen

Studio Piet Boon was invited to create the interior design for a newly constructed three-story residential home and guest house in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. The architecture, designed by Zone 4 Architects, provides the modern aesthetic requested by the client through concrete, steel, and glass, while integrating rustic wood siding to respect the neighboring ranch vernacular. The interior design for this almost 1,000 m2 residence takes its inspiration from local architecture and the beauty of its natural surroundings. This spacious family home is on one side anchored to the mountain, while the other side opens to incredible vistas of the landscape.

Mountain villa

The interior design flows from the natural beauty of the site through the seasons. A neutral base palette of generous, light-toned wooden planks with matching millwork, and soft, off-white plaster walls set the tone for a serene and timeless environment. 

Aspen villa

With the use of soft materials, we capture the seasonal colors of Aspen, with hints of icy blues, fresh whites and warm crisp yellows, to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the interior.

Aspen private project
Styling Aspen
Living room Aspen
View of villa
Detail reflection
Hall of villa

We made use of the vertical axis of the architecture to place various art objects, drawing attention to the sightlines and emphasizing the striking double-height spaces.

Bathroom mountain villa
Office of mountain villa
Wine cellar
Villa wine cellar
staircase Aspen
Mountain villa
Bathroom Aspen villa

Inspired by the couple’s travels and discoveries, we incorporated art that is meaningful to the client, and added new objects that are engaging and complement the space. Art plays a key role in accentuating volumes within the home and provides moments of discovery and reflection. 

Villa Aspen bathroom

The interior millwork is designed with an emphasis on clean lines, symmetry and functionality, to create an ultimate, timeless and inspiring environment for this young family.

Walk in closet
Villa bathroom
Bedroom in villa
Mountain villa
Mountain villa Aspen
Swimming pool
Detail swimming pool
Front of Aspen villa
guest house Aspen
Detail stairs
Aspen guest house
Tree detail Aspen
Mountain villa
Mountain villa landscape
Ida award

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