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Artistry and design: our collaboration with Studio Job

17 December 2023

Studio Piet Boon, renowned for its sophisticated simplicity, has long celebrated the artistry of Studio Job, a pioneer in blending the traditional with the modern. Founded in 1998 by Job Smeets, Studio Job operates from the Netherlands and Milan, practicing crafts from bronze casting to stained glass, creating art and design objects that are both detailed and expressive. Their work, which traverses the realms of art, design, fashion, and interiors, is often hailed as high-end kitsch and has graced over 400 exhibitions globally.

Art piece

Our collaboration, rooted in a shared passion for craftsmanship and storytelling, has given rise to iconic spaces where art is not just an addition but the narrative. Art holds a central place within the Studio Piet Boon ethos: it is the ultimate reflection of individuality, seamlessly integrated to enhance the space’s character and the life lived within it.

Consider The Jane, with over 500 unique stained-glass panels, transforming an old military chapel in Antwerp into a Michelin-starred culinary haven, exemplifying our dedication to the harmony of art and design. The lively and eclectic mix of objects and shapes in these spaces is a testament to the serious yet playful, modern yet traditional collaboration that defines our work.

Studio Job art
Studio Job golden spoon
Golden art

And in our chalet project in Verbier, handcrafted art pieces like the ‘Spoon Door Knocker’ and ‘Skis’, both sculpted and cast in polished bronze, are not mere accents but personalized design signatures.

Studio Job

We warmly invite everyone to the Studio Piet Boon Flagship Stores in Oostzaan to experience the narrative of Studio Job’s art pieces in person.