Art with a soul

24 January 2017

Within Studio Piet Boons design philosophy art has always played a crucial role as it enables us to truly incorporate the identity of the client into a project. Seeing art as the ultimate reflection of one’s identity and as a well desired additional layer, that does not necessarily have to follow ‘the rules’ precisely – art may provoke lightly and be a bit off balance. In our headquarters we showcase art of both upcoming and established artist like Eric Buijs, Athar Jaber, Mathieu Nab, Frederik Molenschot and Studio Job. Our inhouse styling team is always on the lookout for timeless accessories and artworks with a real soul.

We as a Studio are fond of diversity, using art and styling – in whatever form: whether major or minor pieces, both in terms of size and value. Where its worth is determined by a combination of emotional value and memories. The scope of Studio Piet Boon is to balance the different types of pieces and create a whole. Occasionally we use personal objects with emotional value, some gained through heritage, to create personalized ‘art’. We like to bring the, sometimes customary, objects into a new context – breathing new life into the past.

Instinctively combining these elements creates a unique and personal feel. Subsequently removing art from one setting and placing it in a different arrangement immediately changes the look and feel of a room. Playing with combinations of materials, colors, art and objects is very important to the studio and it is one of the hallmarks of our work.