Studio Piet Boon & Frankey: A legacy of artistic collaboration

22 November 2023

The longstanding relationship between Studio Piet Boon and artist Frankey is a testament to their shared passion for unique artistic expressions.

In previous endeavors, Frankey graced the Piet Boon Flagship Store in Oostzaan with his ‘Too hot to candle’ installation. Born from his childhood fascination with the magic of a candle’s flame, this piece showcases a classic XL candlestick, its essence melted by its overwhelming flame, reminding viewers of those innocent moments of youth when magic was everywhere.

Simultaneously, collaboration for the ‘HAHA!’ exhibition took place at our flagship store. Through 30 works, Frankey delved into his childhood memories. Drawing inspiration from cartoons, iconic movies, and various artists, the exhibit was a kaleidoscope of emotions, ranging from humor to nostalgia. Some artworks from this series are currently still on display in our flagship store.

high luxury

Another significant facet of our collaboration involves the art of commissioning custom pieces, specifically tailored to the unique preferences and requirements of our residential and corporate clients. Our commitment to delivering exceptional, bespoke art is exemplified by projects like the sailboat Frankey expertly crafted for a residential apartment project in Amsterdam, showcasing our dedication to infusing creativity and craftsmanship into every venture.

This year marked a special milestone, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the studio. In tribute, Frankey designed a special medal for the founders, Piet and Karin: the ‘TIME RIBBON’ medal. This brass medal, with its 40 stacked layers, echoes the age rings of trees, symbolizing that “Good things take time.” It’s accented with a lanyard in 20 iconic Studio Piet Boon colors by BYBORRE.

Flagship store art

The studio traditionally partners with artists to craft unique and bespoke pieces, serving not only as curated art in projects but also to inspire visitors to their flagship stores.

Everyone is warmly invited to view Frankey’s art at the Piet Boon Living Flagship Store in Oostzaan.