Article about the artist

M. Weiss: an odyssey in abstraction

24 August 2023

At Studio Piet Boon, our commitment to design extends beyond the realms of interiors and architecture. Recognizing the transformative power of art, our expertise also embraces consultative support for art, objects, and accessory selections. We take pride in offering bespoke art pieces, ensuring that the final interior resonates with harmony and completeness. With this philosophy at our core, we’re excited to present our collaboration with an artist whose work embodies this balance – M.Weis

From Cologne, M. Weiss’s roots trace back to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a hub for artists. As a young boy amidst artists and studios, his passion for abstract painting was fueled by an article on American abstract artists. Despite Tashkent’s scarce resources for this art form, Weiss carved a self-taught niche, nurtured by the local artistic community.

Art in black color

Weiss’s inspirations are eclectic: museums, serene walks, stirring music. While he admires 50s/60s artists like Ryman and Twombly, he’s equally drawn to Asian abstract art, especially from Japan and Korea. He chiefly paints with acrylics, masterfully juxtaposing colors and shapes. Not one to be pigeonholed, Weiss experiments with structure pastes, lacquers, and spray paints. Beyond canvas, he ventures into geometric sculptures.

In 2015, Weiss paused for introspection and artistic fine-tuning. Emerging anew, he embraced “Weiss” (German for “white”) as a pseudonym, signifying rebirth. Today, the ambient sounds of a local campus radio punctuate his studio, influencing his art.

Discover Weiss’s dance of color and form at the Piet Boon Living Flagship Store.