Voznickis vase

Exhibited in the Piet Boon Flagship Store: Unique art objects by Ukrainian artist duo Voznicki

26 April 2022

At Studio Piet Boon, we are always looking for timeless accessories and art pieces with a soul. It plays a vital role in our design philosophy because we believe that art brings life to a space, it reflects the personality of the occupants creating a unique space.

For our projects, we collaborate with artists from all over the world. As of today, Ukrainian artist duo Andriy and Olesya Voznicki have been given a stage in our flagship store in Oostzaan. Here the beautiful vases of the “Gonta” series are exhibited and sold.  All proceeds from the sales of these artworks will be doubled by Studio Piet Boon and go to the artists so that they can buy new materials and create new work here in the Netherlands.

You are welcome to come and see the vases in our Living & Outdoor flagship store, open daily from Tuesday to Saturday. For more information about this project, please contact info@pietboon.com.

Voznickis vase

About the artists

Andriy and Olesya Voznicki art shows the spectator the diversity of natural forms in a way the authors see it. The artists like to travel, observe nature and demonstrate bionic forms in their collections. They experiment with materials and textures, create unique objects of clay, wood and stone by imitating and reassessing nature. In their art, the Voznicki’s attempt to let the forces of these materials out. The spectator wants to peep into this artwork, touch it, and find out what’s hidden underneath. 

Gonta series

The vases of the “Gonta” series are inspired by ancient Carpathian and modern bionic architecture. To create vases of this series, we use wood of old shingle roofs and casks that have their own history. Gonta is a tapered wooden shingle that was typical for the Carpathian region of Ukraine. “When traveling through the old villages in Karpaty and observing the architecture, we felt the magnetism of old wooden roofs marked by time. Simultaneously, we realized this era is vanishing and felt the urge to preserve it in our art. In this series, we use only natural materials – ceramics and wood”.

Voznickis vase