Condominiums Oosten NYC

We chose to give it the Dutch name “Oosten”, which means “east” which also refers to New York’s Dutch roots.

Offering 216 high-end luxury homes varying from luxurious studios to extraordinary townhouses, Oosten is unique in its varied typology of building units. These units combine to form not only a greater building but the fabric of a neighborhood. Our interior design strives to reach across these boarders of spaces to provide a consistent design aesthetic that carries through space and time.

“Oosten contributes to new life in the city of New York.”

An important part in all our exterior and interior designs is to create and make optimal use of space. To achieve this we connected the outside exterior with the inside interior. Without loss of privacy, all homes face a 13,860 square feet landscaped open courtyard providing Oosten’s homeowners with a unique experience of having a “hidden garden”.

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