Dojima Project Osaka

At the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay lies the charming city of Osaka. In the center of the city a 50-story residential tower will be built. Studio Piet Boon was asked to design the interior of all public areas, such as the entrance lobby and art gallery, as well as exclusive areas such as the boardroom, gym, sky lobby with bar, and two multifunctional, communal areas. The interior design also includes a residential showflat. With this showflat, the future residents may experience the charm and possibilities of the luxury apartments.

Dojima Project Osaka

This residential tower is located in the Dojima area, the business and commercial center of the city. Osaka is traditionally a port city, a special place on the water, and very popular in Japan for its high culinary tradition. Inspired by the environment and the presence of water, the interior was designed to match the natural surroundings of Osaka, inseparable from the design. The design brings together contrasts, such as tradition and innovation; and the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility of nature. An exclusive art selection plays an important and unifying factor in all spaces.


The subdued color palette is fresh and light, and together with the reflective luxury materials, creates a connection between inside and outside. Playing with light, textures, volumes and transparency, a harmonious and contemporary atmosphere is created. The bustling energy of the city and the contrasting quiet, exclusive experience in the Dojima Tower will surprise and inspire guests with subtle details.

Dojima Project
Dojima Project

“The client's desire is to create an ultra high-luxury residential destination, combined with a hotel function of the same quality. A complete and unparalleled experience in Japan at the highest level. ”


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