Build Real Estate

Work in progress

Within the historic district of Amsterdam, one of our design teams is crafting an exclusive living experience – for our client Build Real Estate. Here, a storied structure is being transformed into four individually tailored apartments.

Scope of the project​

Four bespoke residences: Situated close to the Vondelpark, these homes speak to those seeking a sanctuary amidst city vibrancy. The original building, standing since the 1900s, is undergoing a metamorphosis. Each apartment will be designed to optimize comfort and elegance.


The building will host:

  • The souterrain and ground duplex: An expansive 200m² two-level home + 150 m² garden
  • The first-floor residence: A cozy yet spacious 100m² retreat
  • The second-floor sanctuary: Another 100m² of thoughtfully designed space
  • The penthouse and attic: A distinctive living experience combining the third floor with the attic.

Spirit of place

The building is a testament to harmonious living, where the pulsating heart of the city meets the soothing touch of nature. Select apartments offer vistas of the Vondelpark, providing a backdrop of natural beauty. Each detail within these residences will resonate with the architectural grace of the 1900s, with a touch of modern sophistication.

Stay tuned for updates.


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