Modern Villa

Modern Family Villa

Studio Piet Boon is responsible for the exterior and interior of this modern villa, which is located near the water. The residents have a good view of the river from the house, due to various differences in level. The exterior design of this special project has a horizontal character. This is emphasized by the use of a flat stone and wide eaves. 

Entrance of Modern Villa
Art Modern Villa

The gutter is plastered, which gives it a unique look. The copper edge added to it reinforces this. The masonry of the horizontal stones is only interrupted by vertically placed stones at the windows.

Modern House
Door of Modern Villa
Modern Villa
Modern Family Villa
Modern Villa

Inside the house, the serene color palette for which Studio Piet Boon is known has been used. The walls are painted with stucco and a light gray stone floor can be found throughout the house.

The studio also designed the lighting plan and all the fixed furniture, often executed in the recognizable Piet Boon color DUST. Art by, among others, Studio Job and Casper Faassen has been chosen, which is colorful and striking, even more so due to the modest palette that is characteristic for the rest of the house. In addition, various bronze works of art by Studio Molen have been placed, which have been designed on behalf of the owners.

Modern Villa
Outdoor sofa Modern Villa

The souterrain is where the entertainment takes place, it includes a karaoke bar and a professional cinema. You will also find a game room, gym, spa, dog shower and an area where the whole family can enjoy and relax there. The spacious garage, equipped with a car lift, offers space for several cars.

Salon of Modern Villa
Modern Family Villa sauna
Modern Family Villa
Modern bedroom
Modern residence
Modern Villa
Villa bathroom
Detail with tap
Modern walk in closet
Detail modern villa
Cinema in villa

The park garden, designed by Studio Redd, fits in seamlessly with the indoor atmosphere. The ceramic Piet Boon CONCRETE Tile has been used in the pool and offers cooling during hot days. The impressive garden house is equipped with a kitchen, showers and a guest house. Entertainment has also been thought of here, this time in the form of a jeu de boules court. The view of this special family home is best from the same garden.

Swimming pool from villa
Guest house
Guest house in park garden
Bowling lane
Fire place in park garden
Modern Family park garden

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