Mountain View Chalet Verbier

Studio Piet Boon has been tasked with the reconstruction of both the exterior and interior for this chalet. The main concept is based on the genesis of the mountains. Mountains start with rough layers; jagged edges that eventually end with soft and smooth curves. We translated this idea to each layer of the house’s design. The result is a tranquil, private winter residence for this young family in the Swiss Alps.

Studio Job golden spoon
Golden art

The façade of this wooden chalet was enriched with larger window openings to better integrate the interior with the beautiful architectural and natural landscape and surroundings. By repositioning the windows and moving the fireplace to the side of the house, the panorama of the mountains now opens up in front of you, offering spectacular views.

The new layout plan brings air and light to the interior of the chalet, most notably in the basement via newly installed light tunnels. The interior is a modern interpretation of the mountain village house, but with a touch of luxury. Respecting the existing wooden architecture, we finished the walls and floors in subtle tones to create a harmonious and timeless atmosphere. In every aspect of the design, we have maintained the strong connection with nature, using natural colors and materials. The living area features a wood-burning fireplace, and large glass windows and doors leading to wide balconies with stunning mountain views. The interior features neutral tones, sheepskin chairs, wooden furniture and fluffy carpets. The natural stone is combined with aged wood, glints of copper rain pipes, soft leather, and comfortable, warm textiles. The flooring on the ground level is a refined example of the combination of natural stone and wood.

In total, the house has four bedrooms: the master bedroom is equipped with a steam shower and has floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the mountains and forests inside. The chalet now provides the perfect environment for the family to spend time together in the refreshing mountain breeze.

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