Residential property

Work in progress

Currently, one of our design teams is engaged in the transformation of a residential property in the province of Zuid-Holland. Our client desired a renovation reflecting the distinctive Studio Piet Boon style.

To address the lack of natural daylight within the house, they opted for a color palette that is both light and warm, enhancing the sense of brightness while maintaining an inviting, cosy atmosphere. Upon entering the house, one is immediately struck by the revised layout, which has been designed to create a fluid transition between the interior and exterior of the property. The hall is now filled with natural light, setting a welcoming tone for the rest of the home. In the living room, large openings have been created to enhance connectivity with the exterior and invite more daylight inside.

Residential Property

Moving on to the dining room, the redesign incorporates an open layout with direct access to the newly designed terrace. This blurs the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor dining experiences. The kitchen now enjoys a prime location bordering the outdoor terrace. This setup ensures that the kitchen can serve both the interior dining space and outdoor seating area.

Similarly, the wine room has been strategically placed to be easily accessible from both the kitchen and the outdoor terrace, enhancing its functionality. In the basement, office doors are replaced the with sliding ones that open up to the garden. This not only allows an abundance of natural light to fill the office but also creates a perfect blend of work and relaxation areas.  When it comes to the bedrooms and bathrooms, the focus has been on creating serene and refined spaces with light hues that make these spaces feel brighter and larger, while the use of natural stone adds a touch of luxury.

Stay tuned for updates.

residential project

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