Coastal Villa, Curaçao

Work in progress

Nestled in the breath taking coastal landscape of Curaçao, our Coastal Villa project is taking shape. We’ve set out to create a stunning five-bedroom villa that seamlessly merges natural beauty with architectural finesse, drawing inspiration from the island’s traditional country houses.

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Comprising three separate houses, the villa is connected by a transparent corridor that offers panoramic views of the stunning surroundings. One of the most distinctive features is the ‘end wall,’ which extends above the roofline to create a unique architectural characteristic. To ensure that the villa blends harmoniously with the natural landscape, we’ve opted for a clean palette of warm, natural colors, with subtle variations in shades that maintain an organic aesthetic.


Another standout feature is the 4-meter-high plinth, which is finished with a rough, dark plaster. This design choice is in keeping with the architectural principles of the BlueBay district, which discourages large volumes. The area above the plinth is finished with a lighter, smooth plaster, creating a striking visual contrast.

The villa is situated on a sloping plot that cascades down towards the sea, and we’ve incorporated this topography into the design itself. The villa’s two guest bedrooms are located in a separate house, adding an extra layer of privacy and seclusion. We’re excited to see this project come to fruition and create a residence that embodies the essence of harmonious coastal living in Curaçao.

Stay tuned for updates on this intriguing project.

Coastal villa

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