Instore boutique

Discover the Piet Boon Instore Boutique at our Living Flagship Store

24 July 2023

At our Living Flagship Store, we are excited to unveil a new venture – our Instore Boutique. This store offering is our way of embracing both grand designs and delicate details, further expanding the possibilities of your personal style. In the boutique, you’ll find specially designed collections like Piet Boon by Giobagnara stationery and accessories and Piet Boon Paint & Plaster. In addition, explore our Piet Boon by Serax range that features elegantly designed vases, pots, tableware, glassware and cutlery.

The Instore Boutique is a celebration of the smaller elements that reflect our design philosophy. It’s an invitation to dive into an intimate Piet Boon experience, bringing you closer to our vision. Come by and explore our offerings. Let your space become a testament to bespoke design.

Shapes vase
Instore Boutique in Oostzaan
Instore boutique
Instore boutique