Form collection

Studio Piet Boon in collaboration with Giobagnara present the FORM and PIECES collections

22 January 2024

With Giobagnara, experience the union of classic Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Made from the finest suede and leathers, each matched with a wide array of colors, crafting a personal expression of simple sophistication.

Piet Boon by Giobagnara FORM collection

The FORM collection reflects the essence of minimalism. Each table accessory in this line echoes the ‘form follows function’ principle, brought to life through refined shapes. Available in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from the subdued Piet Boon color palette to more vibrant options.

Experience the tactile richness of premium leather, thoughtfully chosen to enhance the dining experience. The FORM collection isn’t merely a range of products; it represents a celebration of design that holds beauty above trend, promising a lasting presence on any surface:

Serving tray

Available in round and oval shapes, feature a rigid metal structure encased in premium leather.

Coaster and tray


A sturdy metal structure, covered in fine leather, offers both practicality and a subtle opulence for your tabletop.


All-leather construction ensures that these placemats provide a blend of durability and understated elegance.


Piet Boon by Giobagnara PIECES collection

The PIECES collection is a symphony of geometric harmony. These storage solutions are sculptural in form and made out of refined RABITTI saddle leather, available in a wide range of colors, from selected Piet Boon colors to more colorful options.

Giobagnara product

Box Square & Rectangular

These boxes, available in square and rectangular options, are a testament to our design ethos: functionality meets form.

Pieces collection

About Giobagnara

Recognized for its distinctive, elegantly designed creations, Giobagnara’s luxury leather and suede products are available in an exceptional and varied color palette. The brand adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship, incorporating traditional know-how and leading-edge technology. This approach to tradition and modernity has permitted the founder, Giorgio Bagnara, to experiment: he constantly pushes technical limits in his quest for pieces that are both beautiful and relevant, and in doing so counts on the expert skills of the brand’s craftspeople.

Please visit our FORM and PIECES product pages and let us guide you through a curated selection of designs.