Our new exclusive collaboration has arrived: Piet Boon by Giobagnara

08 September 2022

We established a new collaboration with GIOBAGNARA where RABITTI 1969 leather is the main character. This collaboration resulted in a wide range of carefully designed products for the office that seamlessly complement each other. Refinement, functionality and timelessness characterize the authentic and distinctive design philosophy of our collection. The interplay of these designs underline the Studio Piet Boon and Giobagnara experience as a whole and add an exclusive signature to each space.

Giobagnara fold desk

FOLD collection

As the office requires a space for deep reflection as well as creativity and inspiration, our new FOLD stationary and leather accessories collection of Piet Boon by Giobagnara is functional, pure, refined & timeless. With the idea of building a calm environment, all the items are created to naturally fit in any space, allowing flexible, ergonomic settings and adding reasoned details.

FOLD is distinctive for its sculptural quality: two-dimensional designs are transformed into three-dimensional sculptures by adding triangular volumes in a reasoned way, which also become recurring motifs throughout all the pieces. In this collection, the leather is carefully folded according to a zero-waste philosophy, making the most out of the whole material, making the most of all its qualities and unique characteristics: the front side of the leather is smooth and soft, the backside is rough and matte. By using both sides, We used a sustainable approach valuing both functionality and beauty. All 13 products come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from a desk pad to photo frames, and phone holder.

The collection can be seen in our Flagship stores. The FOLD collection is made to order and can be ordered at our Flagship Stores and at any of the worldwide GIOBAGNARA stores or dealers.


In 2015, GIOBAGNARA acquired the famous Italian saddle leather specialist RABITTI. Rudi Rabitti, who launched the company in Milan in 1969, was a pioneer: this was the first brand to offer a wide array of home accessories in this type of leather, and the pioneering Rabitti quickly saw his international reputation grow. With RABITTI 1969, GIOBAGNARA is expanding its offer, both by revisiting the house archives and creating new collections. Because saddle leather is thick and particularly sturdy, it needs no reinforcement and makes it possible to create objects made entirely of leather.



Recognized for its distinctive, elegantly designed creations, GIOBAGNARA’s luxury leather and suede products are available in an exceptional and varied color palette. The brand adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship, incorporating traditional know-how and leading-edge technology. This approach to tradition and modernity has permitted the founder, Giorgio Bagnara, to experiment: he constantly pushes technical limits in his quest for pieces that are both beautiful and relevant, and in doing so counts on the expert skills of the brand’s craftspeople. 

In 2015, Giorgio Bagnara expanded his leather goods portfolio with the acquisition of the saddle leather specialist RABITTI 1969. In 2017, he initiated a collaboration with Stéphane Parmentier, who was appointed creative director of the GIOBAGNARA brands. In 2018, the expansion of the portfolio proceeds with the strategic acquisition of PIGMENT FRANCE, a respected company with specialized skills in leather covering and the weaving of wicker, rattan and straw.