Riverdale Headquarters

Riverdale, an internationally operating Dutch company specialized in fashionable living accessories, commissioned Studio Piet Boon to create the total concept design for their new headquarters in Nootdorp, the Netherlands. For this project we were given a free hand in both the exterior and interior design of the main office and connecting distribution center. In addition, in-depth research of the rural yet urban surroundings of the allotment enabled us to add value to the master plan of the municipality of Nootdorp.

Riverdale Headquarters

The starting point for the design was that the architectural design of the office and distribution centre had to form a timeless yet contemporary and logical unified whole. This had to be done without loss of the distinctive different functions of the building. Another important design aspect was that the building has to effortlessly blend in with the surrounding landscape. Inspired by the Indonesian sawa’s, the different units of the building were designed as connecting boxes with green vegetation terraces. Creating a quiet composition of condensed elements and balconies, adding a sense of calm and nature to the facade. The signature Studio Piet Boon color grey was used for the stucco of the exterior of the building, optically reducing it in size and emphasizing the refined and open character of the building.

Riverdale headquarters

As with every Studio Piet Boon design, incorporating natural light was an important aspect for the interior of the Riverdale headquarters. Large windows and an atrium located in the heart of the office flood the building with natural light, creating a sense of space and connecting the exterior with the interior. The transparent stairwell of the building acts as a focal point, intriguing visitors to discover the rest of the building and providing them with a point of reference.

Riverdale Headquarters

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