Urban Oasis office

Urban Oasis

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, just a stone’s throw from Vondelpark, our design team has transformed a monumental building into a dual-purpose property. Our client’s second office, strategically located near Schiphol Airport, seamlessly integrates with their private apartment within this five-story structure.
Hall way of office


Upon entering the main hall, visitors are instantly captivated by the harmonious fusion of Vondelpark’s natural serenity with the pulsating energy of the adjacent streets. The office space, spanning three floors, in conjunction with the private living quarters spread across two floors, is designed to inspire employees and foster social gatherings.

The calming color palette, with its verdant greens and earthy browns, resonates with the essence of Vondelpark. In contrast, urban shades of gray and deep brown capture the city’s lively dynamism. This interplay of colors creates an innovative and rejuvenating setting suitable for both work and relaxation.

Main office
Urban Oasis kitchen

In tribute to the building’s grand heritage, our designers have incorporated natural materials throughout the space. This includes a range of natural stone finishes, warm wooden flooring, and modern steel accents.

Kitchen and dining

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