Oak Valley

Oak Valley Residential Resort

In the rich mountain landscape of pristine forests in the Gangwon Province, sits this luxury home at Oak Valley – a location destined to become the most sought-after private golf course community in South Korea. Commissioned in 2010, the client brief for this project was to design a single home that would act as a perfect example for modular luxury designer homes at Oak Valley. Thus, we developed a modular system, which allowed for a collection of 200 luxury designer residences of various sizes and layouts, but the same interior and exterior design aesthetic.

Seamlessly blending the home with its natural surroundings, we opted to clad the entire exterior with a local granite stone. 

Oak Valley Residential Resort with doors by Bod'or

Anticipating the valley’s rolling landscape, we chose to create the home out of different volumes that revolve around, and are connected by one single hallway, allowing future layouts to easily adjust spatial arrangements without compromising the overall design aesthetic of Oak Valley. Keeping with the exterior and interior design aesthetic, unobstructed lines of sight within the home allow the owners to enjoy its interior design from every vantage point. Large glass windows allow the interior to be filled with daylight. As art played an important part in designing the interior, we designed various solutions throughout the home to accommodate the different both local an international art pieces. Permeating the interior with hallmarks of our style, subdued colors make up the color scheme.

Oak Valley

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