MASS kitchen Verbier

A kitchen that breathes tranquility

This compact yet spacious kitchen is well thought out. This MASS kitchen is functional and offers sufficient storage space, despite its small size. This kitchen is placed in a chalet.


The design of the MASS kitchen is spacious. We thought it was important to incorporate the authentic details of the chalet, by giving them room. The dark colors and materials are coordinated with those of the adjacent spaces. Matching the color of the window frames and contrasting with the bright white walls, we opted for a dark color scheme for this particular kitchen. The kitchen has a bar that can accommodate two or three people.

The functionality is of a high level in this design. You will find a spacious dishwasher, a gas hob and a convection oven. A wine climate cabinet is integrated into the design of the wall cabinet. All technical products are aesthetically incorporated into the design.

The kitchen has a robust appearance. The top is made of concrete. The fronts are made of robust clay-stain brushed oak.

The mix of materials and the overall appearance inside and out create an inspiring setting. This MASS kitchen forms a whole with its surroundings.

The end result is a functional kitchen, with respect for authentic details.


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